Persistence pays off

When the going gets tough, the tough get up early, work a bit harder and make sure they get the very best results for their people.

My clients Paul and Tracey took their North Shore home to auction with another agency. It passed in and they were unhappy with the result. 

They were feeling disheartened and ready to throw in the towel. I told them to hang in there and try listing with me. We talked about the current market conditions and I assured them, good things come to those who wait and persist.

“It was challenging. The market changed the moment we listed the house, but Drew was always upbeat and told me not worry, he’d get the job done for us.” says Tracey.

They took their home to market for another 90 days and no joy. I convinced them not to give up and stay at it for another 90 days. We were getting close to the end of that time and they told me they’d had enough and were going to pull the “For Sale” sign down and chalk it up as a learning experience. Perhaps, relist after the election.

I asked them to hold for two more weeks

Then a few days later, it sold under a multiple agreement conjunctionally with Harcourt’s (condition on sale of property) vs Barfoots. (with an unconditional back up offer, in which we invoked a cash out clause) and then sold it unconditionally 5 working days later.

“We’ve become friends with Drew. He’s got the right personality for Real Estate. There’s always a feeling that he will come through. That he will get us there.”

 I’m really happy with this result and my clients are as well. The moral of story here is: don’t give up.

    38 Awaruku Road, Torbay.

    38 Awaruku Road, Torbay

    Rooms: 4
    Bathroom: 3
    Lounge: 2 
    Property Type: House
    Parking: GArage + Off Street

    Listing No: