North Shore Real Estate Agent - Drew Miller

1.    Experience.

Listing a property for sale and seeing that sale through until its completion is a complex task. You want to partner with someone who knows their way around all the intricacies of the sales process. Things like property law, the New Zealand Real Estate agents act, not to mention finance, how to get the most out of your house, marketing strategies - when you weigh it all up - you are putting a lot of trust in this individual. You need to know they have your back and they are fit for the job. I have the sales record to prove that I do.

2. Market advantage

I am one of the few agents in Auckland to offer a full conjunctional listing. While many agents will push for an auction, I prefer to draw on the collective selling power of a group of agents I have partnered with to get more eyes on your prize. This might mean a dip in commission for me in the short run, but it helps you get more out of your sale, and the positive word of mouth is worth its weight in gold for me. It’s a classic win win.


3. Negotiating skills

Some call it the gift of the gab. I call it saying it like it is, and representing my client in the best way I can. Real Estate has its own language and if you’re not fluent, it can negatively impact on your chances to get the very best out of your sale. I can get the very best for your hard earned dollar. Let me represent you.


4. References

Have a chat with one of my previous clients. Look over one of my case studies, or read through my testimonials. I encourage you to do your due diligence before appointing me as your property partner. I know I have the sort of references that will tell you straight away if we are going to be a good fit.


People tell me that I'm the genuine article. After years of working in the technology sector, I have developed a no-nonsense approach to client service. I'm a straight shooter, whose services are entirely transparent - if I say I will do something for you, my word is my bond”.



I am the only agent in Auckland who has the freedom and connections to craft a sales strategy that teams you with the best people to sell your home. No-one else offers a conjunctional listing service like this.


A car enthusiast, and a boat owner - I like to be on the go all the time. “I just don’t stop until I get the best result. I believe if I work hard for people, their great feedback will work hard for me.”



I have gathered an impressive collection of testimonials. I like to think it's because it' because I am a people person. More than that, I am in this business to make peoples’ lives better. To help them make decisions that will put them in a better place both financially and emotionally.